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Core Technology Solutions is based in Charlotte, NC and provides Managed IT Services & Sales to clients throughout the Carolinas.

Charlotte, NC
Information Technology (IT) is the CORE of most every business today. IT is our PURPOSE to provide clients the Reliable, Dependable, and Trustworthy service they expect and deserve. IT is the CORE of our business.

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Greg Price, President/CEO of Core Technology Solutions, graduated from High School just ahead of the computer era but electronics was the next big career boom. Being a typical "I don't have a clue what I'm going to do with my life" teenager, Greg attended a tech school recruitment seminar, where he was hooked and the rest of his life was set into motion.

After graduating from a two year electronics school Greg was recruited by IBM to their new plant in beautiful Charlotte NC. Greg was later selected to transition into the new aged software line of business and therefore participated in an internal BS Computer Science competency program. Greg finished out his career as a programmer and an IBMer when he accepted a voluntary buy-out package. It was a great 10 years but IBM had changed dramatically and Greg's entrepreneurial spirit was stirring...

That was 1995. Greg has owned and operated an IT support company ever since. Faith and family are the most important things to Greg. Faith gives him the drive to help people and family inspires him to work hard. Greg and his wife enjoy spending time in the yard, going on plantation tours/sight seeing, and eating good food (deserts being the favorite part). On a personal level, Greg says that his hobby is probably his business. He truly loves his job and knows now that his purpose is to provide IT services to those that are in need of a reliable, dependable, and trustworthy provider. IT is Greg's purpose and the purpose of Core Tech Solutions!


Although we may be introduced on a business level, we believe the Core of success is all about people and relationships. By building relationships on a foundation of trust, our communications will be open and honest. Our clients know that Core Tech truly looks out for their best interests and we always maintain a high standard of integrity. The relationships we have with our clients are an integral part of our business success.


Information Technology (IT) is our CORE business, just as it is core to the daily operations of most every business. Core Tech's purpose is to reach out and provide reliable, dependable, and trustworthy IT services to those businesses that are seeking that trusted IT advisor. IT is our Purpose!


We are determined to provide the best products and solutions. We have our Core set of vendors/partners because we believe they are the best of breed for our clients. We are never persuaded or influenced by vendor promotions or higher margins. We Guarantee Satisfaction!


Core Tech appreciates and recognizes our employees. By providing a workplace that our employees truly love and enjoy, we believe that they will be loyal and honorable in return. As we nurture these qualities and attitudes they will naturally reflect to their families and in the deliverables and services provided to our clients. We are more than a company, we are a family.

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